Posted by: José Cabrera | March 27, 2008

Pliego Acusatorio contra Aníbal Acevedo Vilá

Oprime el siguiente link para obtener copia del pliego acusatorio del Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos contra el Gobernador de Puerto Rico Aníbal Acevedo Vilá y otros 12 empresarios y afiliados al Partido Popular Democrático.

Press on the following link to download a copy of the U.S. Department of Justice’s indictment against Puerto Rican governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá and 12 other individuals associated with Acevedo Vilá’s political campaigns and his Popular Democratic Party. 

Link #1


Link #2




  1. Ya es hora que Puerto Rico se convierta en el estado número 51. El Estado Libre Asociado colonial ya cumplió su función cuando se necesitó en los 1950s. Puerto Rico, ya es hora de evolucionar!

  2. I always wanted to go there and see how you guys live and, of course, to see the nice beaches.

  3. It is unbelievable that some people in Puerto Rico still support that clown. I wonder what would have happened if Rosselló had been the one indicted.

  4. If it were Rosselló, the press would crucify him (more than now). They would show no mercy and remove him from his position in a heartbeat. But since is that weasel, the press will make it look like it’s a persecution, and the PPD will make a martyr out of him.
    Rumors of this had been circulating for years. We all knew it was coming. It’s no surprise.
    Glad I moved last year from PR, as not to see the PR press side with that weasel of a clown. We all know how the PR press sides with the PPD and construes to mislead the facts.

  5. It is amazing that a little group of “Populares” thinks that Aníbal the Clown is the best man in the world. He is a verguenza para Puerto Rico.

  6. It is very sad that I have to say that I received my Academy Nomination from such a sleazy person. Everyone knows that he has been a thief the entire time. I wish that politics in Puerto Rico were not such a joke. Campaning in Puerto Rico is like going to kindergarden. What do I mean? Simple, here is an example: This person is a bad candidate because … he drives a cadilac and its not an enviromentaly friendly car, or you come from a really poor family so what would you know about handling the finances of a country?? just stupid stuff. Its unbelievable how we the people of Puerto Rico allow this to hapen we are the laughing stock of the world. Puerto Rico is the only country in the World that does not belong, it is colony. A thing of the past and we are still living in the past. It’s time that we the people say NO MORE!! how do we expect other people to take us seriously if we dont take our selves seriously. If you take yourself seriously then prove it … What are you doing to make Puerto Rico a better place for everyone. I am from Caguas and i hate to say that people in the states ask me; do you plan on going back to Puerto Rico to live? I am ashamed that i can’t say that i would like to live in Puerto Rico its my home and i can’t stand seeing the country destroy its self every day. The Governor is a example of what the puertorrican people have become. Why so harsh? Because we elected him. This is not his fault its ours.

  7. The colonialists would have us believe that the Puerto Rican people are on trial. NOT SO. The persons on trial are the Governor and 12 other people affiliated with his Popular Democratic Party, a party that supports all crooked dealings from a man without scruples. It’s been long time coming and twenty years in jail is not enough.

  8. Fellow brothers and sisters, we are witnessing history in the making. This is our moment to act. The so-called “governor” will meet his end and we will rise to take what is rightfully ours. Puerto Rico deserves to be the 51st State of the greatest Nation, our United States of America. It is our right to obtain the full benefits that we as American citizens are entitled to. We cannot let people such as Aníbal Acevedo Vilá twist and turn our fates in his own sickening way.

    March 27, 2008 is a date we will never forget. It can be officially declared as the beginning of the Popular Democratic Party’s destruction. Their gig is up.

  9. ELA and the PPD suck! STATEHOOD NOW!

  10. Just for one second, put yourself in the feet of the State of Vermont, or any of the less dense states that stands to loose if Puerto Rico becomes a full fledge state. If you think these less dense States are going to let Puerto Rico into the union as the 51st state with more say then them in congress, then you are just kidding yourself! It’s good to be idealistic about politics, but politics are always dirty, there are always favors owed from campaign years my mother is a hard core Rosello fan, and he is looked upon as a scoundrel and possibly the most corrupt politician in puerto rican history where most of his cabinet went to jail, except for him, go figure!! And we are not the laughing stock of the world, Bush is!! after that their is Chaney! so on and so on…..

  11. Statehood is our future! Management of our destiny is in our present! People unite and deside for the better of us all!

    Joy L. Farinacci

  12. Long Live The Union!

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