Posted by: José Cabrera | June 26, 2008

PRSSA and Summer 2008

Dear fellow statehooder:


I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying a fine summer.  It is due time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation after successfully completing last semester. 


With the advent of summer, the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association (PRSSA) looks to a promising period of activity.  We will expand the organization in the universities of the continental United States and Puerto Rico.  Your active participation in your local university or school will be important to the development of the PRSSA and our efforts to achieve self-determination for the four million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico.


We also look to strengthen our student voting drive.  September 5, 2008 is the last day to request your absentee vote for the upcoming November elections and we will help you through that request process.  We want you to exercise your right to vote and be heard. 


Moreover, the PRSSA is also preparing a campaign to promote H.R. 900, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act.  H.R. 900 provides for a congressionally sanctioned self-determination process for the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico.  The PRSSA intends to garner additional congressional support behind this bill.  I am sure we can help get this important piece of legislation to pass with your added support. 


Don’t forget to check our website ( and our blog ( for updates and listings of upcoming activities.  On behalf of the PRSSA’s Executive Board, and the regional leaderships, we wish you an enjoyable summer and we hope to see you in the activities to come. 


All the best,


José Cabrera



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