Posted by: PRSSA | October 15, 2008

Eduardo Soto Appointed Public Relations Director


Mr. Eduardo Soto Torres, a sophomore student of the University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras, has been named the new Public Relations Director of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association. Soto will oversee national communications with the media, the press, and the public, and assist the President on all matters concerning the public relations of the organization.
Soto graduated from Colegio Marista in 2007 and enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico, where he expects to receive degrees in Communications and Political Science. He has been actively involved in the discussion of the territorial status situation since 2007, when he coordinated conferences with multiple legislators who would approach the subject with different proposals. The new Public Relations Director is currently a consultant at McConnell Valdés Consulting, Inc. He previously served as the PRSSA’s Public Relations Director in Puerto Rico.

Ms. Vashti Joseph, the outgoing Public Relations Director, will now serve as an Internship Coordinator for PRSSA members wishing to serve the public. PRSSA membership has grown exponentially during her tenure and the Association has enjoyed a greater presence in the Puerto Rican media and on the Internet thanks to her efforts.

On behalf of all PRSSA members nationwide, the Executive Board commends and thanks Ms. Joseph for ensuring the PRSSA’s success over the course of this year. We wish her the best as she pursues a doctoral degree in Psychology and continues her work in the National Council of La Raza on behalf of Hispanics nationwide. To our new Public Relations Director, we wish the best of luck as he takes on the challenges of promoting the PRSSA platform of student activism, democratic partaking and, above all, statehood for Puerto Rico.



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