Posted by: PRSSA | January 4, 2009

Former PRSSA President Luis Fortuño becomes Governor of Puerto Rico

 Governor Fortuño

Luis Fortuño, the second president of the PRSSA from 1980 to 1981, was sworn in as Governor of Puerto Rico on January 2, 2009.  The Inauguration Ceremony was conducted by Secretary of State Kenneth McClintock, the first president of the PRSSA.

Current PRSSA President José Cabrera, Executive Director Raúl Vidal, Puerto Rico Chair Roberto González, and UPR-CM Chapter President Fernando Sepúlveda were special invited guests to the event. 


Luis Fortuño, then President of the PRSSA, giving a press conference in 1981.



  1. Dear governor / I write to you on behalf of the people from PR not to layoff 30.000 familys from their jobs . Just take a moment to think before you do so / this will be 30.000 familys with out jobs in no contribuition to the economy of PR. Why not propose one day or two days from their salarys in Oder to keep then working I think this will be the best solution in interested of your economy / they belive on you when you were elected as govenor. Why let then down now don’t you agree?

  2. the people of puerto rico want to belong to a free nation within the usa or without but a real free nation or a real free state of th usa

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