Posted by: Raul Vidal | June 9, 2009

Statehood is in your hands

Dear Member,
It fills me with immense honor to be the 6th President of this, our Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association. Thank you for your vote of confidence and continued support. This involvement is crucial to making our desired goal of statehood inevitable.

Since its inception, the PRSSA has only victories to account for. Some of our most recent achievements constitute the inscription of thousands of citizens to vote, regularly and absentee. It is the PRSSA that enriches over 45 campuses across the US with the message of statehood. It is this, your organization that has been requested to lead the grass-roots push to see the fair and impartial HR 2499 bill passed in our US Congress, which will finally assure the right of the people to vote on its future status.

In all our achievements, we have been humble, but none of our achievements are humble. This is demonstrated by our continued success in achieving the vital steps toward our ultimate equality in the form of statehood. The people of Puerto Rico have noticed us; our present government respects and honors us; our foes fear us; and in Congress, we are lauded for our representation of the facts – so much so, that the PRSSA has been essential in gathering the now 113 votes that HR2499 now has.

As a member of the PRSSA I ask you to be more involved in our struggle. Start by looking at our new website:, the most respected website on the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009; it is the most widely read by staffers and members of Congress.

Through you will inform yourself of Resident Commissioner Pierluisi’s bill to solve our centennial status problem, and it allows you to ACT. It gives you the tools to call several key Congressmen, or to email them. Send it to others, so they may too take part in our struggle.
I thank you for all your achievements, but more than that, for what you are about to achieve.

Humbly yours,
Raul R. Vidal



  1. I came to the United States fifty seven years ago
    and I have been waiting for that day when our
    beloved Puerto Rico will become a state. I hope
    that it will be soon.

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