Posted by: William-José Vélez González | June 18, 2009

HR 2499 Update: Facebook App


Yesterday the PRSSA unveiled its newest tool to promote HR 2499, The Puerto Rico Democracy Act: the Hr 2499 Facebook Application.  This new tool contains information and the links to take action in support of the bill.  The application will also publish through facebook users actions, and will continually be updated to include the latest news.  The HR 2499 app is also innovative in that it includes the latest tweets or twitter posts about HR 2499, to promote conversation between citizens about the bill.

In addition, HR 2499 now has a Facebook page, and a Twitter account, to publish all updates on the bill.  Speaking of updates, HR 2499 now has 144 cosponsors, as seen on  This marks a major milestone for the bill, as it gorws in support each day.  Even more important, is the suppor you provide the bill, whether adding the Facebook application, or signing the petition.  This is the time to demonstrate that the Puerto Rico Democracy Act is the long-awaited opportunity to democratically express ourselves, to decide the future of our homeland.

I strongly urge you to take action, and support HR 2499 with our tools.  Stay tuned as we provide more updates on the status of the bill and what you can do to help us.


William-Jose Velez

Vice President

Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association, Inc.


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