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Friday, September 11th, 2009
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WASHINGTON, DC: The Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association (“PRSSA”), attended a forum at the U.S. House of Representatives with guest speaker John Bolton, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Bolton, a renowned diplomat, and expert in international affairs, described the issue of self-determination of Puerto Rico as an “internal” issue, and expressed hopes that the Department of State will halt any resolution sponsored by third parties in which the independence of Puerto Rico is demanded.

“That has been the official policy since 1945, and I hope it remains as such”, said Bolton. “I hope they block it, which is what I would do.” Bolton emphasized the fact the U.N. has “no authority” in respect to Puerto Rico’s self-determination.

“This is yet another expert opinion reiterating what we have been saying to opposition congressmen and statehood rivals”, stated Raúl Vidal, President of PRSSA. “That this is a domestic issue, and should be addressed with internal, official referenda, sanctioned by the federal government, as would be the case with Cong. Pierluisi’s HR 2499.” HR 2499, or Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009, was submitted by Pedro Pierluisi (D-PR at large) earlier this year. It provides for two rounds of federally sanctioned referenda, to inform Congress on the status preference of PR residents, and to establish guidelines for the self-determination process of the U.S. Territory. It would also be the first federally-sanctioned plebiscite presented to its residents.

PRSSA is a not-for-profit student organization dedicated to advancing the issue of Puerto Rico’s self-determination, advocate statehood for Puerto Rico, and provide tools for youth partaking in the democratic process.

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  1. Former Amb. Bolton is misguided. It is the international recognition of political integration (statehood) as a legitimate option that supports this effort. The feds would characterize the colonial commonwealth as a legitimate form of political integration before the UN, while definign it as a colony in Congress. This is obvious nonsense. Conscious statehooders use UN Resolution 1541 and its definition of integration to strengthen their case. As far as Bolton is concerned, we are a “legitimate colony.”

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