Posted by: Eduardo J. Soto | February 22, 2010

Déjà Vu, Mr. Hernández-Colón

The latest futile attempt by former governor Rafael Hernández-Colón to discredit the Puerto Rico Democracy Act is an exercise of desperate demagoguery. Although it is enclosed in this post, I would not even bother to read it – you’ll only find the same tired arguments of the political minority of Puerto Rico. RHC chooses to do away with the bill in the first few sentences, focusing the bulk of this tirade on the issue of statehood. You see, in case you haven’t read the PDP playbook – there’s no actual playbook -, they still think Puerto Rico’s statehood is a taboo and divisive subject  in the federal government. And so they take every single self-determination effort and warn members of Congress that the big bad statehood wolf is coming. It’s as if they don’t know what happened to the boy who cried “wolf.” At this point, it just seems like déjà vu.

Mr. Hernández-Colón, HR2499 does not “favor” statehood. The people of Puerto Rico favor statehood. It is only because you know this that you have tried time and time again with your shady team of lobbyists to derail any and every self-determination bill submitted to Congress. You have opposed every single attempt at having Puerto Ricans decide their political future among the only two feasible options including, yes, those that include the use of a Constitutional Assembly – or is idly standing by the same as supporting Nydia Velázquez’ HR1230? I don’t think so.

This is entirely political. Your opposition to this bill is an attempt at preserving your Party’s relevance. To some extent, your livelihood and the livelihood of many of the PDP technocrats depends on that party having something to stand for and, without the anti-statehood movement, it has nothing. Opposing statehood is the only thing most of the PDP agrees on, now that it can’t even agree on a political status preference. It would not be surprising if this letter were meant to prompt cohesion within the PDP rather than defeat the Puerto Rico Democracy Act. Good luck with that, Mr. Hernández-Colón.

Download the letter here -> RHC Letter


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