Posted by: Raul Vidal | March 2, 2010

Stand for Democracy

Dear PRSSA member,

After a year of dedication, advocacy and activism, the US House of Representatives is ready to assert our rights by passing the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 (HR2499). As you have come to learn through your support, the bill will award the people of Puerto Rico the right to freely determine its political future by voting on two plebiscites. The first will ask us to determine whether we wish to see a change, and the second affords us the right to define that change: statehood, independence, or sovereignty outside the US Constitution.

Congress knows our will – 185 congressmen have signed their names to this bill, and well over 260 congressmen have made it clear that they will vote in favor of it once it reaches the floor of the House of Representatives, this is beyond the required support to pass. However, in spite of the bill’s overwhelming support among the people of PR, and its unprecedented endorsement from the majority of Congress, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is attempting to stall the bill’s passage. This is why I ask you now, as a member of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association, to rise up again for our rights, and call, write, and email Speaker Pelosi and let her know that this bill is our will. Visit our website, and help pass this bill by calling your congressman and the Speaker of the House.

Together we have reached this unprecedented position of strength and support, and although a long road is still ahead, we have reached the midpoint of our efforts. Call now and show your support for democracy in Puerto Rico.

Raul R. Vidal
Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association


Help us get HR 2499 passed by the House of Representatives by calling Speaker Nancy Pelosi, using the message below as a guide:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

(202) 225-0100

“Hello, my name is ___________________ and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I am calling to ask for Speaker Pelosi to support The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009, HR 2499, presented by Representative Pierluisi from Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans have been proud American citizens since 1917, participating in every level of American life and achievement. However, unlike our fellow American citizens, we do not have the same political rights or defined status.

This is why I call to appeal to the Speaker to support HR 2499 and bring it to a vote which would give the right for Puerto Ricans to vote on a referendum that will help determine the islands political future. Please call Representative Pierluisis office at 202-225-2615 for more information, or visit Thank you.”

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  1. PR-USA 51st State. Equality among all American Citizens now!

  2. What the hell? How can anyone oppose this bill? If this bill does not pass, are we continuing our current colonial condition until the US government decides otherwise? Why not hold the plebiscites regardless of the bill’s acceptance? We’re treated as unrepresented second-class citizens subject to the unconditional US sovereignty. Let’s exercise our right of self-determination by disobeying US sovereignty and proposing a change of status. If the US government does not approve our statehood, then let’s become an independent country, once and for all. If a rigorous plan for economic revitalization is devised, Puerto Rico could achieve a socioeconomic status akin to Singapore.

  3. It’s time that Puerto Rico stops being a territory of the USA. We want to be part of the great USA with all the rights and responsabilities that comes with. I think if we are good to go fight on a war we are also good to vote for the President that declared.So statehood for Puerto Rico.

  4. Just do it already. What’s the big holdup? The more the merrier and PR needs equal representation. Be active and go do it. Get out in the streets. You can change the dialog with a single voice. The rest of America supports this. You are Americans too.

  5. Pass this bill! Puerto Rico has waited long enough for equal representation!

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