Posted by: PRSSA | March 16, 2010

Chapter Leader of the Year: Edwin Jusino

In an effort to celebrate our chapter leaders’ successes this semester, we have decided to grant an award for Chapter of the Year based on merits of activism, innovation, and faithful service to the PRSSA, its cause, and its members. This year our honoree is Edwin R. Jusino-Aldarondo, who became President of a nearly inactive chapter the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus, and thrived in executing events that advanced the overall agenda of PRSSA and inspired chapter leaders across Puerto Rico and the mainland. With this recognition, we also acknowledge the high level of teamwork and cooperation that Jusino continues to sponsor as President of the chapter.

Edwin R. Jusino was born on September 15, 1989 on San Juan Puerto Rico. He’s been a writer since a small age, and wrote a novel while he was only 15 years old, titled Tales from Avalon. On 2007 he graduated from Wesleyan Academy and was accepted at the University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez Campus to study History on the Arts and Sciences College. He joined PRSSA on 2008 and was made Secretary of the chapter. On August 2009, He was made the president of the PRSSA Chapter at Mayaguez.

Hardly an easy time for pro-statehood students, Edwin began to work on the growth of the chapter, which was on the verge of becoming inactive. During the student strikes, he opposed the vote to go on a 48 hour strike, speaking his mind in front of the Student Assembly. With the help from Julio Renta, Mikhail Blancovitch, and Ramón Colón, a former chapter president, he managed to organize an activity promoting HR 2499 in late December. Also they managed to work on a radio program titled “La Mirilla Colegial” and began a newspaper called “La Estrella Azul” (now titled “La Razon” and distributed throughout all the local PR Chapters).

His success has been based on the support from his team, all of which have been working hard on recruiting activities, and the organization of a Forum titled: “The federal justice system” to be celebrated on late April on campus.


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