Posted by: Raul Vidal | April 22, 2010

This Is Our Time: Stand up for Democracy! Stand up for HR2499!

Dear friends,
After a long year of efforts, advocacy, and tireless dedication, HR2499/The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009, will be brought to a vote this coming week.
We, as proud members of the PRSSA, have done well, and our friends in Congress have proven true, but this is not the time for lukewarmness, now more than ever, we need to stay focused and active. As we speak, the colonial minions and their English Only allies are mobilizing to stop this historic moment. A direct affront to our rights as US citizens in our search for full equality. However, we stopped them then and we’ll stop them now!
Visit our website:, each one of you should be able to call at least 5 Congressmen and tell them that as US citizens, we demand the right to determine our own political future and that HR2499 does just that. Call our leaders in Congress and encourage them to uphold our rights:
House Majority Leader
Speaker of the House
If you’re in the DC area, or wish to come to it, PRSSA is coordinating a Congressional effort on Tuesday, April 27, to march to every single Congressional office (535) to request their support for this historic bill. We will show them the faces of those who wish to be free from second class citizenship, and tell them in person to free us from the bonds of colonialism. More than just a task, this is our responsibility – to ourselves, and to the generations that follow.
Therefore, I call for each one of you to stand up and fight, and don’t stop until our rights have been granted.
This is our time.
Raul R. Vidal
Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association

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