Posted by: William-José Vélez González | April 26, 2010

Spread the facts

Dear Friends,

The time has come for us to stand up for our rights, for the opportunity to vote for the first time in a federally sanctioned plebiscite to decide our future. However, there are still those with doubts about HR 2499 – The Puerto Rico Democracy Act, partly because of falsehoods spread by those against democracy.

Now is our chance to stand up and spread the facts, and demand that Congress pass HR 2499. Below you will find facts you can share on Facebook, Twitter and through email. These facts are also available at the HR 2499 Facebook App.

Stand for democracy and spread the facts!


William-Jose Velez
Vice President
Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association

H.R. 2499 is co-sponsored by over 180 Members, including 57 Republicans.
Puerto Rico historically ranks alongside the top five U.S. states in per capita military service.
Puerto Ricans are bound by federal law but don’t vote for president or have voting representation in Congress.
Puerto Ricans have never been able to vote in a Congressionally sanctioned referendum on the status issue.
HR 2499 authorizes a first plebiscite in which Puerto Ricans could choose between the current status or change.
If Puerto Ricans choose the current status, a referendum would be held every 8 years to keep Congress informed.
If Puerto Ricans choose change, they would choose between statehood, independence or sovereignty in association.
Unlike previous bills HR 2499 does not bind Congress to take action once it receives the plebiscite results.

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