Posted by: Raul Vidal | May 15, 2010

Governor of Puerto Rico praises PRSSA’s efforts through this past year

May 14, 2010

Mr. Raul Vidal
1435 Chapin St #304
Washington, DC 20009

Dear Raul:

As your term as President of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association nears its end, I want to thank you and your team for successfully organizing and executing advocacy campaigns that have brought Puerto Rico much closer to statehood.

Indeed, the recent approval by the House of Representatives of the Puerto Rico Democracy Act highlights PRSSA’s effective lobbying efforts. Together with Eduardo Soto, William Vélez and the many talented members of PRSSA, you excelled at defending the virtues of the bill and advocating for its passage. I am certain that the support for this bill the three of you expressed before both local and national news, as well as your informative website on the topic were crucial in securing the overwhelming support it garnered.

In addition to all the work in favor of legislative action, your presence in Washington, DC during these historic times has been vital to our efforts and for Puerto Rico. I encourage the PRSSA to motivate and educate future generations on the importance of having young leaders advocating for our Island at the Capitol.

For PRSSA’s effort and leadership in Washington and across the nation, I extend my sincere congratulations. I am certainly not alone in hoping this tradition of hard work and service continues, for it is in the best interest of democracy that conscientious advocacy by students be strengthened.

Thank you for your dedication. I wish you luck in the years to come and look forward to hearing great things from both you and PRSSA in the near future.

Best wishes,

Luis G. Fortuño

Fortuno letter



  1. Esperando que tus nuevas lavores las hagas tan bien come esta, Siempr estaras con nosotros, muchisimas gracias.

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