Posted by: Eduardo J. Soto | August 4, 2010

New Scheduler Will Become Event Planner and Speaker Liaison for PRSSA

President Eduardo Soto appointed Ana María Matías, currently a PRSSA operative in Georgetown University in Washington, DC, as National Scheduler. Matías will oversee the National Board’s events in Puerto Rico and the mainland, as well as arrange guest speaker appearances and event programs.

The Georgetown University sophomore was the mind behind Governor Luis Fortuño’s successful lecture: “The Presence of Puerto Rico in U.S. Politics”, delivered last year at that school’s Lohrfink Auditorium and sponsored by the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association and other Georgetown groups.

“Ana María is very valuable to PRSSA and its mission of making room for the statehood debate in college campuses across the United States,” said Soto. “I am proud to see her become the newest member of my cabinet, with which our organization will overcome the challenges ahead and grow even larger and stronger.”

PRSSA is a not-for-profit student organization with chapters across the U.S. dedicated to enabling academic debate on the self-determination of Puerto Rico, spurring the political participation of Puerto Rican youth, and organizing student advocacy in support of self-determination and statehood.


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