HR 2499

HR 2499

After over 100 years of political uncertainty, Congressman Pierluisi of Puerto Rico has introduced HR 2499, The Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009, to effectively resolve the status uncertainty of Puerto Rico. HR 2499 effectively gives the people of PR the right to vote on two plebiscites that will decide the island’s future association with the United States.

First Plebiscite:

– The people of Puerto Rico will be asked if they wish to change their present status situation.
– The question will read: “Should Puerto Rico maintain its present political status? YES or NO.
– If the majority of the votes opt for a change with the “NO” option winning, a second plebiscite will be

Second Plebiscite:

– The people of Puerto Rico will be asked to choose between three options that would effectively
resolve the status question:

o Independence:

· Would in effect break all legal ties between the United States in the creation of Puerto Rico as a country on its own right.

o Associated Sovereignty:

· Provides for a distancing of Puerto Rico from the United States.
· Puerto Rico would be free of several federal regulations and from the Territorial Clause of the
US Constitution.
· Its significance is unclear, but it may go as far as the elimination of the US citizenship for the
people of Puerto Rico.

o Statehood:

· Would permanently attach Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the United States.
· Awards Puerto Rico with the right to 6 US congressmen, 2 senators, and 8 presidential
electoral votes.


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